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How to decide between buying a plot or house?


It is not an easy thing to decide for real estate investment. It is one of the largest purchases made by an investor. Therefore, it is very crucial to follow a systematic approach.
The biggest challenge is to decide whether one should buy a house or choose from open plots for sale? Which investment will be better and more profitable in the long run?
A cautious investor always asks this pertinent question. And it is not easy to give an answer. Some things you should consider for a properly informed decision.

What has been your investment journey so far?

Every investor is at a particular stage of the investment journey. It could be the first-ever investment for some people.
For some others, it could be an advancement towards a better livelihood or status upgrade.
For some people, it could be an investment opportunity.
Somebody might be going into a property deal just because he wants to leave a legacy for the forthcoming generations.
Whether a row-house or bungalow is fine for you or open plots for sale depends on your existing state of investment.
The blog gives you some key points to arrive at the right decision.

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