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Our Purpose

Fostering a relevant, radiant future for everygirl child is a vital vision, here at BBG. And tocreate ineradicable impressions on the lives of2 million girls, by 2040.

Complying with the worldview of M K Gandhi,that business should exist as part of a healthycommunity in order to serve that community,BBG relentlessly endeavors to offer theirinnumerable customers apt opportunities tocreate safe, secure and longstanding savingsby possessing a plot of land, and hence,generate a true, long-term wealth for theirfamilies.


At BBG, we wake up with the only thought to make a difference, one that moulds a brighter Future for the girl child. Every day we live and breathe with this dream, a vision to leave indelible impressions on the lives of 2 million girls by 2040.

For us, every girl child is a Bangaru Thalli with the potential to usher in a brighter future for herself and her family, constraining her to the boundaries of the home is the same as caging a bird that has the potential to soar the skies. We believe when given the opportunity, made not only their families, but their communities neighbourhoods, and the nation-proud.



The persistent, primary, undying mission at BBG showcases girl-child empowerment.

Enable people to become plot owners: the ones who can afford to buy, andsimultaneously support primary education by apportioning a part of BBG's profits forthe ones who cannot afford.

The Group intends to inculcate in them the eagerness to play lead roles in theirfamilies, society and in the overall nation building.


BBG Heritage

Owning a piece of land is the common Indian's dream.At Building Blocks Group, we fulfill this dream by drivingopportunities in the area of real estate. Working acrossIndian subcontinent, we are a company made of Indians, bythe Indians, and working for the Indians.

A group of seasoned professionals with a collectiveexperience of over three decades lead Building BlocksGroup with core values of Promise of Delivery,Transparency, Large-Scale Development,Integrity, Growth, and Excellence to deliver‘The Land of Prosperity’ to our customers.

By combining such excellent core values with everchanging technology, it takes steps towards providingcustomers with more ease and comfort. It has identifiedspecial experts related to this and is working with them tillnow.

Special experts for positions like CFO, CTO, CLO and CMOhas been recruited already and working with them toimprove our processes & procedures, we are going to seethe transformation required for our Vision 2040.

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